Frequently Asked Questions

  • Property Management

  • What is Property Management?

    Property Management is the administration of residential, commercial and industrial real estate on behalf of third parties. This includes maintenance and upkeep of property along with the administrative and financial duties relating to its operation. The property manager acts on behalf of the owner to secure and increase the value of the property while generating a stable income and a return on the investment.

  • What does La Maison do as a property manager?

    As the manager La Maison has five key areas of responsibility:

    • Finance and Marketing  
    • Tenant and Occupancy 
    • Facility (maintenance and operations)
    • Administration  
    • Risk Management 

    We act in the best interest of the principal to maintain the property, maintain a high occupancy level of tenants, set and collect rents, develop and manage budgets and maintain all records.  We provide detailed reports to our clients and ensure that we maintain close working relationships.

  • Why should I hire a La Maison Property Services Ltd to manage my property?

    Hiring a property manager removes the turmoil and stress that may arise from the everyday management of your property. We have qualified property managers and technical staff along with an extensive network of individuals and companies that will handle the many operational issues that frequently arise.

    As your property manager, La Maison Property Services will:

    • Market your property to maintain a high occupancy level
    • Maximize your return on investment based on the prevailing economic conditions
    • Maintain the integrity and security of your property
    • Negotiate rental/lease agreements for appreciation of net rental income and value
    • Ensure compliance with government laws and statutory requirements
    • Respond to tenants’ requests and handle issues in a timely manner
  • Advisory Services

  • Can you help me find investment grade properties?

    Yes, we are a full service real estate brokerage with over 25 licensed Realtor Associates experienced in locating both residential and commercial properties throughout the island.  Our advisory service can provide reports and schedules for investment opportunities including financial analyses to guide your decision making.

  • Can you manage my pension fund property investments?

    We offer property and asset management services; we are experienced in managing portfolios of properties for various pension funds and fund managers.

  • How can you assist with development projects?

    We bring stakeholders together to create opportunities for large investment projects. We perform financial feasibility and overall marketability analyses of your proposed development projects.

  • Can you help me get approvals from regulatory agencies?

    We are experienced in working with the regulatory agencies and are able to guide and assist in compiling the required documents to complete your applications.

  • Can you analyse my property portfolio and make recommendations to improve its value?

    Through a combination of our Corporate Solutions, Cost Management and Lease Advisory we can identify key areas and make recommendations to improve performance and value.

  • I want to get current statistics on the Jamaican property market

    We can provide bespoke statistics and information to suit your needs through our Research Services.

  • Project Management

  • Why do I need a project manager?

    It takes the hassle out of undertaking a project. A project manager is a professional who brings together other professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet your specific project objectives. A project manager will Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor/Control and then Closeout the project on your behalf within the time, cost and quality terms agreed.